Style&Me Update 11/21/20

Dear Ladies,

I haven’t given you a life update in a while and I have plenty to tell you. There’s so much for us to catch up on, hop on in to my world.


Lately I’ve been obsessing over jeans and crochet everything. Those wide leg jeans I mentioned I got a few months ago are just the best. They are so darn comfy, and pairing them with a black sweater and some cute ankle boots is my go to look lately. As my new in items I took the liberty of purchasing a silk scarf. I’ve seen these everywhere, there are so many cute ways to wear them. I have no clue on how to wear it, but once I find out I’ll tell you right away.

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I have no clue why I took a sudden interest into crocheting. I’ve done it before in the pass but this week I took to picking up my hook again. Let’s just say I’m obsessed with crocheting. As of currently I’m crocheting a baguette bag. You can find the tutorial here. I suggest you to try it out, it’s so simple and easy.

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I’ve really been obsessing over historical romances by Jen Turano.

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Here’s A Look Book Inspired By Winx Club

Dear Ladies,

I know we all have that iconic show that we always used to watch during our childhood. Honestly the early 2000’s was when fashion was at its peak. Getting back to the topic at hand, Winx Club and Bratz were for sure my favorite shows to watch during those times. What was your favorite childhood show? I always remembered how their style was absolutely amazing. Winx club was all about the color and the cut of the clothes. So ladies, I’ve seen a few look books going around inspired by the girls. So let’s give it a try and create some outfits of our own. In this post I’ve created outfits for each of the characters that are all modest. It’s a fun challenge to try so let’s hop to it.

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans

Dear Ladies,

My obsession with jeans first began with an order from Shein on one summer afternoon. With fall closing in on me I knew I needed to get my first pair of Jeans soon. I know it’s kind of crazy that I don’t own any jeans yet. But I’m surely looking forward to expanding my collection. The order came and I took out these amazing pair of wide leg jeans from its frosted bag and I instantly fell in love. If you want to shop the exact same pair of jeans click here. But once I took a look into my wardrobe I was met with a major style dilemma. I didn’t know how to style them at all. Which of course made me instantly think of a post to help all of you who also don’t know how to style these spacious pants.

*All images are made by our style editor* Click the image for a closer look or for a full view.

Affordable Jewelry Pieces All Fashionistas Need

Dear Ladies,

How many of you are always wearing some piece of jewelry? From simple gold hoops to extravagant Swarovski crystal bracelets, jewelry is always the icing on the cake to every outfit. But obviously finding good quality and affordable jewelry is always a mission. Who would’ve thought that with the internet at our disposal, shopping for jewelry is even harder. In store jewelry shopping is always the best but sometimes we have to deal with what we have. So I put yet another collection of items that are affordable and have great ratings. I know you probably have seen I’ve been creating a lot more ‘shop-able’ posts, well my reason for that is because of the holidays. Also some of these just make great “I love you”gifts. Without further ado let’s get jewelry shopping! 🙂

A Complete Capsule Wardrobe According To Fashion Influencers

Dear Ladies,

I know we all love influencers and we just adore their grace and style. But news flash, their wardrobe comes with a hefty price tag of at least $500,000 if not more. It’s hard not to follow in their footsteps and wear everything you see them wearing. But there’s one little thing called capsule wardrobes that can turn that frown upside down. Don’t fret now, we can still achieve the fashion influencers look with just a few key basics. I have studied and looked at what influencers are wearing this season and all the latest fashions to put together this incredible post. Shown below you will find an image of the capsule wardrobe I’ve created for you, so you can capture the true essence of an influencer. I’ve also want you to create an outfit using these pieces. Can’t wait to see your fabulous creations! Ciao bella.

What’s In The Capsule?


  • Plaid Blazer
  • Green fur coat


  • Leather pants
  • Jeans
  • Khaki Shorts


  • Small gold hoops
  • Gold chain necklace
  • Black baguette bag
  • Nude pouch bag


  • White sleeveless tops
  • Satin blouse
  • Pink sweater
  • Gucci sweater


  • Snakeskin boots
  • Nude mules
  • Strappy sandals

Here Are All The Items That Are On Our Gifting Wishlist

Dear Ladies,

I don’t know about you but I love giving and receiving gifts. (Don’t we all?) Something about putting together a gift box or arranging gifts for others always spark some creativity. Some may go above and beyond with gifts but again its really in the details. I don’t believe in “its the thought that counts”, its more about knowing and understanding the receiver. But anyways I have compiled and amazing list of items that are perfect for the special fashionista women or girls in your life. Without further ado lets get gift shopping!

Sending Off..

P.S. ladies you may want to bookmark this post I will be updating the post quite frequently with even better and new gift ideas. Toodaloo!

5 Bag Styles You Should Add To Your Wardrobe

Dear Ladies,

I feel as though we haven’t talked about handbags. So today’s fashion letter topic is handbags. Specifically 5 handbag styles that we all need to have in our wardrobes. As I said with jewelry, handbags are such a personal item. Each handbag you own can hold such amazing memories and sentimental value of. But these handbags are really just here for practical reasons. Now, not all of these will be your cup of tea, but I urge you to try them out. Personally I’ve never liked mules before, but after trying them on one summer they quickly became my most worn shoes that summer. (And every summer after that.) Always try it out before making your final judgment. But anyways let’s get talking about handbags.

1. Box Bag

Now hear me out before you move to the next bag. A box bag is such a looked down upon bag but you will soon realize how functional they are. Their structure creates a beautiful elegant feel, naturally they are perfect for evening events. I’ve listed 3 of my favorite box bags that are perfect for everyday use. They don’t store much, but the restriction makes you think more about the items you need.

2. Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are just delightful, their shape is so classic and it’s recently been on trend. But honestly you can wear this bag every single day. For a little stroll in the park or an evening lunch or brunch. It’s quite a versatile bag which is why I adore it so much and you will too.

3. Tote Bag

I know, I know, totes are such a basic bag. Every women has it but it’s not being used to its fullest. Ladies, a canvas tote bag is not only for carrying your groceries, it can be a school bag, a work bag. It can be an everyday bag. I suggest you to get many well designed and well made tote bags.

4. Quilted Bag

Here’s a little inspiration from the icon herself, Coco Chanel. Her absolute iconic quilted bag design has been seen everywhere to the point where it became a timeless classic. This just may be one of the bag styles that will never go out of style. You don’t need to purchase an infamous Chanel quilted bag but other bags with the same style works just as fine.

5. Square Bag

Here’s yet another designer inspired bag. The Lady Dior bag was popularized after Princess Diana wore it on multiple occasions. Something about the lady Dior silhouette creates the perfect balance of a tote and evening bag. It’s really the perfect bag for every lady to wear.

Fashionable & Protective Fashion Masks To Wear This Season

Dear Ladies,

It’s always mask season and here are some ways to dress up your style. With a mask of ours! After COVID hit us like a brick these fashion accessories turned into a necessity. But the fashion police is not complaining it’s a great way to style up your look. We just might need a mask for every look but I did include some versatile masks as well. Even fashion retailers and designers jumped on the bandwagon and created matching sets including a mask. A delicate white mask with some pearl detailing would go perfect for a soft and feminine look. Or perhaps a black mask with some chains for a more street wear style. Either way there are plenty of masks for the complicated style of ours.

The Shoe Trends Every Fashion Week Attendee Has Worn

Dear Ladies,

Fashion week was so inspiring we decided to come back with another fashion week post. Fashion bloggers and influencers as you know make up fashion week, their effortless style and chic design always leaves us jaw dropped. This fashion month particularly, influencers took a more simple route and went crazy with their shoes. Some of these shoes hit the trend meter with a Big Bang and here are some of our favorites.

All items are carefully selected by our fashion editor. The photos are not ours their respected owners are listed aside/below each image.

Photo Credit: @chiaraferragni

1. Platforms

It’s time for all the petite women to rise to the top. This year an abundance amount of style moguls took a definite risk and played with their height. Some of these icons wore classic platform boots like Chiara Ferragni. While some took to a funky 2000’s throwback in platform wedges.

Photo Credit: @kimkardashianwest

2. Mules

The fashion world seems to be influenced by Kim K’s effortless style. While she may have multiple stylists on speed dial this reality star has been in the fashion game for decades. She took to Instagram to show off her ever so classic nude mules. Fashion influencers followed suit and took out some of their fabulous creations.

Photo credit: @kyliejenner

3. Pointed Toe

As you can see here Kylie is caught rocking a chic pair of pointed strappy sandals. All throughout Paris fashion week, classic Parisian women are seen rocking their best pair of pointed pumps. Some went classic with a red pump while some went wild with the colors and embellishments.

All The Recycled Trends You Need To Know About

Dear Ladies,

The spring/summer 2021 shows have emitted massive amounts of creativity and inspiration to us all. While many of the shows were socially distant and some completely digital, bloggers and influencers still managed to make the experience special. Hundreds of masked photographers were running up and down the street capturing the latest looks rocked by these common icons. Of course these fashionistas where not the only thing that caught our eye, the designers also had a thirst for something new and unique. Many designers from Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Chloé and Miu Miu sent out many fabulous looks down the catwalk. These eye candy pieces have already taken influence on street style and the high street. As seen on the catwalks here are the top trends you need to be adding into your closet.

**All pieces are carefully selected by our fashion editor. Pictures used in this post are not ours, credits are below each photo.**

Photo Credit: @lydiamillen

1. Feathers

This year seems to be the year of the birds. Feathery creations graced the runway at spring fashion week and we are here for it. Soft and fluffy airy dresses were all present, but what really caught our eye was structure. The designers this season sorted up their tailored fits with soft feathers. Which creates an impeccable combination.

Photo Credit: @chanelofficial

2. Cardigans

This cardigan is not your grandmothers sweater. Designers and fashion retailers have upped their game when it comes to this chilly weather classic. Parisian women had always had a knack for styling cardigans and it’s time for the rest of the world to catch up.

Photo Credit: @fendi

3. Cut Outs


Here’s a little Jlo flair. After seeing her walk the runway at Versace in a green cut out dress some time back, designers took to planning. The modest trend has been raised to attention as many hijabi bloggers take over the runways, this year they want a change. Designers like Fendi placed cut outs in any garment they can, while Victoria Beckham too a more subtle approach.

Photo Credit: @topshop

4. Shearling

The shearling trend is not a new trend, which we can all agree on. Bloggers took to Instagram to show off their fur bags. It was the maxi bags, then the pillow bags and now it’s time for shearling. Designers decided to mix the difficult fabric with some leather. Creating a mix between the soft girl and grunge girl aesthetic.

Photo Credit: @tamara

5. Wide Leg Pants

This year loungewear has been flying of the racks and many retailers had to restock on multiple occasions. After COVID hit, the world decided comfy clothes is best. Wearing jeans around your house is not ideal but wide leg pants are. As the world begins to open up many want to keep the comfort. These spacious pants do just that. Just enough leg room but not anywhere near a pair of restricting jeans.